Libertarian Gary Johnson calls to end 'drug incarceration' during Seattle speech

SEATTLE -- Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke to supporters in Seattle Saturday. His rally at the downtown Seattle Sheraton Hotel is his first appearance in the city.

Johnson spoke in support of Black Lives Matter and against American involvement in "regime change" abroad.

But the first thing he talked about was what he calls "drug incarceration."

"There are millions of Americans that are convicted felons, that but for our drug laws would otherwise be tax-paying law-abiding citizens,” Johnson said. “Let's bring an end to the war on drugs.”

As to foreign policy, Johnson says we should attack when attacked as we did in Afghanistan, but not in the case of Iraq.

He also told the Seattle crowd he has reversed his stance on the capital punishment -- opting against it. And he pledged to be the "most frugal president ever elected."