Lime Light Pet Project: Meet Magic and Champagne

SEATTLE- Q13 is partnering with the Lime Light Pet Project to help Magic and Champagne get adopted.

If you've never had a bunny before, maybe these two can convince you to give them a good home.

Magic is a boy with black fur and champagne is a girl bunny with light brown fur. Both are about 12 weeks old and full of energy and attitude.

"I just love how bunnies have 'bunatude.' They have a lot of attitude they are very energetic," said Tamara Adlin with the Special Bunny Rabbit Rescue.

"Since they are babies, they are constantly busy and they have to be doing something all the time. They are either 100% busy or 100% asleep."

Magic and Champagne need an indoor home with plenty of space to hop around.

They do get along with cats, but if you have a dog or small children, they may not be for you.

"They could go to well-behaved, slightly older children," Adlin said.

"There is a myth that a bunny is a great first pet to teach a child responsibility, but nothing could be further from the truth; they are much harder to take care of, much higher maintenance than cats and dogs and they absolutely need adult supervision."

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of adopting two bunnies at once, adoption counselors say they can be adopted out separately, but only because they have not bonded as a pair.

To adopt one or both of these bunnies, head to Special Bunny Rabbit Rescue's website to fill out an adoption form.

Someone will then contact you for a meet and greet to make sure the adoption is a good fit.