Lime scooters roll into Redmond

REDMOND, Wash. -- Redmond is the latest city to hop on the scooter share trend.

The city welcomed Lime to the area Tuesday morning, launching several hundred electric scooters.

The partnership is part of the company's transportation master plan to improve travel choices and mobility.

"These sorts of tools connect people with where they need to go," said Lime spokesman Jonathan Hopkins. "Twenty percent of our users were using them to connect to a bus or train. Forty percent use them to get to dining or entertainment, and 30 use it for a commute over, and there's a lot of that going on over in Redmond."

For now, you'll only see Lime scooters available for rent, but the city says the company has also been approved for bike sharing.

There's no word on when Lime bikes will be rolling into Redmond.