LISTEN: Former gov. Gregoire calls 911 after man attempts to get in her car, she 'guns' it

LACEY --Recordings of former Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire calling 911 after a man tried to get into her car were released Friday, revealing how frightened yet poised the former leader of the state remained in a stressful situation.

Sgt. James Partin of Lacey Police says Gregoire noticed the man watching her late Tuesday morning as she left a Lowe’s store and headed to her car. She picked up her pace, and stepped into her car. The sergeant says the man opened the passenger side door, got his left foot into the car and was partially seated when she accelerated backward and the man fell to the ground.

Gregoire then drove to the other end of the parking lot and called 911.

"I was just leaving Lowe's on Martin Way," the former governor says to the 911 operator. "A man looked like he was stalking me. I tried to back out and he tried to get in the car and I gunned it. And he fell out. He's still lurking around and I assure you he's got another victim in his mind."

LISTEN: Former gov. Gregoire calls 911 after man attempts to get in her car


Gregoire does not immediately identify herself, instead spending time to describe her location and give an accurate description of the man. She said the man didn't say anything to her.

"I saw him lurking at me," she said. "And then I was backing up and he kept crossing back and forth in front. He opened the door and started to get in. And I gunned it and he fell out."

Gregoire, though remaining calm, did sound stressed. Only after the 911 operator asks for the her name does she identify herself as the former governor. She again says she doesn't need assistance, she just does't want him to "victimize anyone else."

As Gregoire called the police, the man allegedly went back into the Lowe's and caused a disturbance in the garden section. The loss prevention manager called 911, saying the man appeared to be "on something" and was taking his clothes off.

The loss prevention officer said the man then made a move toward North Thurston High School after leaving the store. He was met by police.

The 47-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct, endangering others and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.