'Loaner buses' getting kids to school in Puyallup after bus garage fire

PUYALLUP  --  It’s the day before the first day of school and workers are putting the finishing touches on the Puyallup School District’s bus garage.

Hard to believe, less than two weeks ago, a massive fire damaged 28 school buses, including 20 brand new buses.

While investigators are still working to pinpoint a cause for the fire, parents were left wondering, how are their children going to get to school?

“When I heard about the fire, the first thing I thought about was my nephew and my godson. That’s the first thing I thought about, “Do I have to take off work and take them to school?,” says Mom, Therese Craven.

Fortunately, the answer is “No”.

That’s because multiple school districts from around Washington state are donating loaner buses to the Puyallup school district; 14 in total.  And though routes will remain the same, school officials are emailing parents as a heads up: “Loaner buses will not be labeled with the Puyallup School Districts name”.

While it may be confusing, parents say this solution is a win-win all around.

“We all come together. Safety comes first out here,” says Mom, Saada McZeal.

The district says it may take several months to figure out a solution for permanent school buses.