Local bride and groom thrilled by Presidential photobomb

SEATTLE -- A local couple is thrilled that their wedding day photoshoot was photobombed late last week.

Why you might ask?

Take a close look at the photos shared with Q13 News by photographer Rebecca Phillips of Rebecca Jane Photography.

Courtey Johnson and Jonathan Lee celebrate their wedding day. Photo by Rebecca Jane Photography

See that Boeing 747 way up at the top?

“Right after I took this image we looked up and saw the flag on the tail of the plane,” wrote Phillips in an email to Q13.

Yes, that is Air Force One.

President Obama photobombed Courtney Johnson and Jonathan Lee’s wedding photos taken last Friday at the sculpture park during his visit to the Seattle area.

“We all knew that the President would be in town, but being that he was in Oregon earlier in the day, none of us expected him to be flying in from the north, so we had no clue that this was Air Force One,” wrote Phillips.

Courtesy Rebecca Jane Photography