Local shelters team with photographers to help homeless pets

KING COUNTY, Wash. -- Local shelters are teaming up with professional photographers helping homeless dogs and cats across the state a chance at finding loving homes.

Shelby is one of those dogs. The pit bull was found sick inside an abandoned home. She was rescued and nursed back to health, but she's been homeless for nearly a year.

Local photographers are capturing Shelby and plenty of other pets in need to get attention for the Why Not Me campaign, a partnership with Regional Animal Services of King County, Pawsitive Alliance and the Dugan Foundation.

The goal is to get homeless animals out of shelters, into the spotlight, and eventually into a home.

From puppy dog eyes to thoughtful gazes and silly smiles, each professional picture shows a pet in they're truest form. Then they're posted all over Facebook and Twitter.

So far the program is a success, with dozens of pets finding loving families, giving these dogs like Shelby a shot at a picture perfect ending.

If you would like to adopt Shelby or another pet that needs a home, click here.