Local students get new musical instruments, thanks to generous donation

SEATTLE -- Christmas came a little early to music students at Franklin High School this year.  StubHub partnered with the ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation’ to donate $15,000 worth of musical instruments to the Seattle school.

Music teacher Geoff Ogle unveiled the new instruments, surprising students with them Monday night.  They include a brand new baritone sax and brand new tuba – each of which costs about $5,000.

Ogle says it’s hard for the community to raise such a large amount for a single instrument, but they make a huge difference in the sound of the band.  He says up until now, Franklin’s tuba player has been playing an instrument that dates back to the 1930s.

StubHub is donating more than $1 million worth of instruments to schools across the nation  to help keep music programs alive.

Franklin sophomore and violin student Xue Xin Xu played her first notes Monday, on a brand-new violin.  The instrument she’s been using is worn out.

“I'm really excited because before my instrument was old and had to be fixed -- now I'll be the first one to touch a whole new instrument,"  said Xu.

Franklin High School offficials say a growing number of students want to participate in music classes and band.  Multiple studies have linked music study to better academic performance.