LOOK: Man turns wheelchair into Popemobile and other Halloween costumes the internet loves today

1.  "I had a bunch of friends dress as nuns and we've been parading around the hallways at my school," wrote the guy who posted this on reddit.

2.  Look closely at this Xenomorph costume, it's made of duct tape and foam tubes

[protected-iframe id="02fe0470860a3b2311aedd3688e96582-41640066-61377584" info="http://tribkcpq.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/b6is05el.jpg" ]

3.  Marty's costume wins Dog Halloween for sure!

4.  Katy Perry's costume is hot (and spicy)

[protected-iframe id="54112418f2e7c42263599a7fd9d255af-41640066-61377584" info="//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js" width="640px" height="640px" ]

5.  We are pretty sure Ruth Baby Ginsberg deserves some kind of international prize, award or declaration.

6. Disturbing? Yes. Funny? Yes.

7. "My cousin made this awesome costume for his son," Broke_stupid_lonely wrote on Reddit. "He can't bend his knees too well so he hobbles along, like the character in the movie. It's adorable."

8.  The Ice Bucket Challenge.

9. "The Rock" throwback.