Mother, son duo surrender to Lynnwood police for alleged attack on random woman

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(Lynnwood Police Department)

Lynnwood Police have identified two people wanted for allegedly attacking a woman in a Staples parking lot last month. 

Authorities say the woman was in the parking lot of Staples on 196th St SW on May 21, when the two suspects violently attacked her. It is not known what led to the attack, but investigators say the victim has only been in Washington a few weeks, and both she and the suspects are not known to each other.

The woman was punched and thrown to the ground, then her face was smashed into the pavement, authorities say. She shattered her teeth and sustained injuries to her face, legs and body. She reportedly ‘played dead’ to stop the attack. 

Police say the male suspect allegedly referred to the female suspect as ‘Mom,’ who then drove him from the scene.

The 27-year-old came forward to police after seeing his photo on TV when this story aired. His mother also came forward to identify herself. Her case will be sent to prosecutors to determine possible charges.

The son has been charged with second-degree assault and harassment and was booked into Snohomish County Jail.