Madonna named highest-paid musician of 2013

NEW YORK – Forbes Magazine says Madonna is this year’s highest paid musician. The ‘Material Girl’ earned $125 million in 2013, putting her past Lady Gaga, who came in second with $80 million.

Gaga barely edged out Bon Jovi who earned $79 million. Toby Keith ($65 million) and Coldplay ($64 million) round out the top five on this list.

According to Forbes, touring is the biggest revenue stream. Madonna’s MDNA Tour grossed $305 million. However, she was able to supplement her income through her clothing line and perfume. Keith’s income was boosted through extensions of his brand, including a record label and restaurant chain.

Forbes says its list was compiled by looking at data between June 1, 2012-June 1, 2013. It took into account concert ticket sales, royalties, merchandise sales, endorsements and other ventures. One major caveat, the musician had to be alive. Without that, Michael Jackson would have been the champion, earning $160 million.