Man admits to stealing jail money, gambling it away in attempt to pay off debts

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. -- Prosecutors charged a man with theft Tuesday after he allegedly gambled away money that he was supposed to take from the Pierce County Jail to the bank.

According to court documents, David Vicknair turned himself in to Federal Way Police in December admitting he stole money from the jail.

Vicknair told police he worked for a company called 'Touch Pay' that collects money from clients, including the jail, and deposits the cash at banks. According to court papers, Vicknair told investigators he collected several bags of cash and a bag of coins from the jail and headed to two casinos.

"His plan was to gamble and use the winnings to pay of his debt and then replace the money he stole. Instead, he lost all the money he gambled with," prosecutors wrote in court documents.

Vicknair is now charged with 1st degree theft, accused of stealing more than $5,000 from the Pierce County Jail.

“The defendant apparently forgot that the house always wins," said Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist.