Man allegedly burns family friend's dog in oven

INDIANAPOLIS --  An Indianapolis man faces animal cruelty charges after investigators say he killed a dog by burning it in an oven, FOX 59 reported.

Joel Clark was allegedly invited to stay at  a friend's family home after being released form prison. Everything seemed normal, until one of the family's dogs went missing for a day.

But the friends thought little of it. That is, until Clark spotted a dog walking by and allegedly said, "I can take care of that dog, too."

The family allegedly thought Smith was drunk because he had a history of alcoholism. However, one of the family members later found the dead dog in a trashcan next to an oven sheet. The family called police and told Clark to leave, FOX 59 reported.

Police exhumed the dog's body and determined that the dog had been burned, allegedly put in the oven while Clark was home and the family was away.

Clark is charged with torturing or mutilating an animal, and killing a domestic animal. He also faces felony escape charges for violating home detention.