Man allegedly stole ambulance with crew still on board to 'score some Oxy'

DANVILLE, Pa. - A Pennsylvania man hijacked an ambulance, drove it to a pharmacy, then tried to steal pills before crashing, police say.

It was business as usual Monday for the Americus Hose Company Ambulance Service.  A crew had just dropped off a patient at Geisinger Medical Center's emergency department near Danville, Pennsylvania when a man jumped inside and started to drive away. The two-person crew was still inside.

"They realized what was going on and jumped out of the ambulance for their own safety," Bob Hare from Americus Hose Company told WNEP.

Adam Zaharick, 29, of Kulpmont, is accused of stealing the ambulance.   He faces many charges, including robbery of a motor vehicle, robbery, and burglary.

Zaharick was a patient at Geisinger Medical Center. When he was released, he decided he wanted to, "score some Oxy." That's when he admits to going on his wild ride. He says he wanted to put on a show.

His crime spree was not finished after he stole the ambulance.

According to police, Zaharick drove the stolen ambulance through Geisinger's campus, hitting a truck and damaging its front end. That's when things got even worse. Zaharick drove to a nearby CVS in Danville and crashed the ambulance into a pole.

"I don't know what all kind of damage he's done, but the ambulance is pretty banged up," Hare said.

Zaharick then ran into the store, jumped over the pharmacy counter and tried to steal pills.

"I was in line and somebody came in. There was a lot of screaming and yelling. I just kind of took cover," recalled Christine Kuderka of Northumberland.

According to court papers, an off-duty federal corrections officer was in the store at the time. He tackled Zaharick and held him on the ground until police arrived.