Man arrested after throwing rock at sheriff's cruiser, fighting with deputy in Olympia

Deputies arrested a man who threw a rock at a Thurston County Sheriff's cruiser, and then fought with an officer in Olympia Tuesday morning.

According to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office (TCSO), a deputy was conducting a routine patrol through the Capital Mall parking lot when a man hurled a rock at the deputy's windshield.

Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Authorities say the deputy got out of his car and chased the suspect, which led to a physical altercation. Witnesses on the scene reported the suspect was aggressively throwing punches at the deputy.

Due to the absence of county deputies in close proximity, the TCSO requested assistance from the Olympia Police Department (OPD). OPD officers swiftly responded to the scene and aided in the apprehension of the suspect.


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The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Thurston County Jail. He is facing charges of felony property damage for the rock-throwing incident and resisting arrest as a result of the physical struggle with law enforcement.

The TCSO expressed appreciation for the prompt response and collaboration of the OPD in ensuring the safety of their deputy.