Man dragged under car while chasing tip-jar thieves

RENTON -- An innocent 23-year-old man is recovering in the hospital after being run over during a burglary gone wrong.

saifLine cook Saif Alazzawi was trying to catch a pair of thief’s accused of stealing a restaurant's tip jar, but instead he was dragged underneath the car and he was nearly killed.

Employees at the Gyros House in Renton Landing say the same crooks stole their tip jar twice in the past two weeks – the latest theft was Jan. 23. The latest theft only netted the crooks $4. Two weeks ago the thieves got away with nearly $50 in the tip jar.

Surveillance video shows a female suspect swiping the tip jar and leaving the restaurant. Alazzawi ran after her - but when the woman and her accomplice tried to speed away, Alazzawi  stood right in front of the getaway vehicle.

Witnesses tell police the driver ran over Alazzawi and dragged him across the pavement for nearly 20 feet. Alazzawi suffered broken ribs and a nasty gash on his thigh.

“I want to tell her, God is going to judge you one day,” said restaurant manager Walid Lemouchi.

Renton police arrested the suspected driver Thursday night driving a rental car.

The alleged driver told police that Alazzawi jumped in front of the car without warning, but the driver still didn’t call 911 after Alazzawi was dragged across the parking lot.

Now Alazzawi 's co-workers are praying he will still be able to walk.

“He can’t sleep normal right now,” said Lemouchi. “I visit him this morning and he slept for 15 minutes and wakes up with pain and scared.”

Alazzawi is listed in stable condition Friday night.

The driver could face a charge of first-degree assault and a judge set his bail at $50,000.

The female in the surveillance video is still at large.