Man rescued from 35-foot sinking boat that ran aground

SEATTLE -- Fire and rescue teams helped a man "clinging" to a sinking boat Monday afternoon near Elliot Bay Marina, saving him from the cold water after his boat ran aground, fire officials said.

According to the Seattle Fire Department, dispatchers received calls of a 35-foot sinking vessel around 11 a.m. in Elliot Bay Marina somewhere between Piers 86 and Pier 91. Rescuers called to the scene pulled a man out of the water, and transported him to the medics at Fire Station 5 located on the Seattle waterfront.

He was not seriously hurt.

The vessel's engine's were not working properly, fire investigators say, and the boat slammed into rocks near the marina and quickly sank.

Officials are working to secure the vehicle and contain any oil or fuel leaking from the damaged boat.

Investigators will work with the boat's captain and others to determine the exact cause of the crash.