Man survives 3 days at the bottom of the ocean

NIGERIA -- A story of survival that's almost too miraculous to be real captured in newly-released video of a man being pulled from underwater after he was trapped beneath the ocean for nearly 3 days!

Courtesy YouTube

The story reads like a Blockbuster thriller. In May, a tug boat carrying a 12-person crew capsized in the Atlantic off the coast of Nigeria. Two divers were sent to recover the bodies. It was assumed that after two and a half days, everyone aboard had died.

Shockingly, one man – Harrison Okene – was found alive, having found a tiny, 4-ft air space.

Okene looked stunned as the crew continued to reassure him as he takes his first sips of water in days, having survived on only coca-cola and no food.

He told a Nigerian newspaper: "The rest of my life is not enough to thank God for this wonder, it is incredible."

From CNN