Manhunt underway for killer after taxi driver shot behind the wheel in Mount Vernon


MOUNT VERNON, Washington -- The driver of a Taxi in Mount Vernon was found dead behind the wheel of his taxi van late Monday night after an apparent shooting near a gas station.

Police said they were called to the Pacific Pride Fuel Station in Mount Vernon just before 10:00 p.m. to reports of a loud popping sound.

A witness reportedly told police the van was seen rolling into some shrubs. When officers arrived they found the man dead.

Police said a man was seen running from the area, but they were unable to track him down even using dogs.

Just a few minutes later a carjacking was reported in the area and police believe the shooter may be the carjacker.

While a description of the carjacket vehicle has been shared with law enforcement in the area it was not released publicly at this time.

The identity of the taxi driver has also yet to be released.