March to come in like a lamb? Well, it will be colder this weekend, perhaps snow in north

SEATTLE -- Friday was a beautiful way to end the month of February!

As we transition into a new month (the month where spring will officially arrive), our weather will also change.

On Saturday, clouds will increase ahead of our next disturbance, with a few scattered showers moving into the area by afternoon. Temperatures, on average, will be about 10 degrees cooler than Friday's.

By Sunday, a strong warm front will produce enough moisture that we could see some of it collide with cooler temperatures, bringing more scattered snow to the lowlands. Right now, most of the snow looks to be in the northern third of the state, much like last weekend. The mountains and passes will also get some fresh powder, as the snow level drops close to surface level at times.

By next Tuesday, we will be back in the mid-50s, with scattered showers nearly every day.