Marijuana sales still strong; at least 4 new shops open across state

After waiting for hours in line, beaming customer Marcus Johnson gives a thumbs-up as he leaves the Cannabis City store in Seattle Wednesday, July 9, with his newly purchased bag of marijuana. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)


SEATTLE -- It was Day Two for retail marijuana sales in Washington Wednesday and, judging by the lines, sales appeared to still be strong.

Technical problems at one shop tested the patience of some, but not even an extra long wait could keep customers away.

"I was going to come in yesterday, but I didn't want to stand in the lines," said Marcus Johnson outside the Cannabis City store in Seattle's Sodo district.

The phrase 'pot luck' took on a whole new meaning Wednesday, however, for fellow Cannabis City customer Patricia Plumley.

"They had (computer) glitches. They had to log it in and I had a feeling, it's my luck," Plumley said.

The manager at Cannabis City told Q13 FOX News that, because of the computer trouble, inventory had to be manually punched into the system before marijuana could be sold.

Customers waited patiently -- the demand so high that at one point there were about 50 people standing outside under the hot sun.

"I got to get in the door, that's my main objective today," Johnson said.

By the time the doors finally opened, it was just past noon -- high time for customers.

"I'm frankly tired of tired of the stigma that's associated with it. People immediately think somebody's not productive just simply because of the smell of it, and it's just like, you know, that is just ludicrous," Johnson said.

At least four new retail marijuana shops opened in Washington Wednesday, but one on Whidbey Island still hadn't received its inventory.

With demand so high and supply so short, customers outside of Cannabis City say that walking out with their very own bag only sweetens the pot..

"I think it's amazing," Plumley said. "I like that it's legal now. And I have back issues and I can walk in and get it and not be in trouble for it."

The state Liquor Control Board said the computer glitch did not involve or affect their statewide product inventory system and, as far as the board is concerned, sales appear to be moving along just fine.

But not every city is on board the pot bandwagon. According to The News Tribune of Tacoma, the DuPont City Council voted Tuesday night to ban marijuana businesses there, same as the city of Fife earlier.

If you wish to find out if your city or county has banned pot businesses, click here for a handy city and county chart.