Marlin and mahi-mahi? Warmer waters bring unusual fish to Washington coast

It's been an "interesting" summer for anglers off the Washington state coast: Warmer than usual waters are bringing fish hardly seen in our area.

Larry Phillips, a Region 6 director for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, says people have reported catching at least 20 blue fin tuna so far this year, along with marlin, thresher sharks and mahi-mahi. One of the blue fin catches -- weighing in at more than 90 pounds -- should shatter a state record.

“It’s really one of those summers we haven’t seen before," Phillips said.

It's a fun change of pace for recreational fishers, but warm water isn't good for the health of our young salmon populations.

Phillips said researchers are closely monitoring what this will mean for juvenile salmon numbers.

"Hopefully, cooler waters will return by the fall," he said.

There was even a recent blue whale sighting off the coast -- something that hasn't happened since 2011.

Bottom line: if you’re fishing off the coast, you could catch some wacky stuff. Why travel to Mexico to fish for blue fin when you can go here?