Mayor calls meeting with Seahawks' Doug Baldwin on police 'very constructive'

SEATTLE -- Seattle Mayor Ed Murray recently sat down with Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin to discuss the controversial topic of police accountability.

“It was very constructive,”  Murray said Monday about the sit-down requested by Baldwin.

In the aftermath of several police shootings across the country, the star football player has been outspoken that departments, including the SPD, need to end their militarized culture.  He wanted to hear directly from Murray about what he is doing to change things in Seattle.

Murray praised Baldwin for becoming engaged in this issue.

“This is somebody that I think can reach out to people that I as a mayor or (Police) Chief O’Toole will never be able to reach," he said.

During an interview with Q13 News Monday, Murray also addressed the topic of homeless encampments.  He pushed back at the attempt by some City Council members to allow homeless encampments in more areas of the city.

“If the council sends a bill to me that includes parks, and includes sidewalks, I’ll veto it,” said Murray.  “We’ve got poor kids in this city that have nowhere else to enjoy the outdoors but our parks.”

Murray argued the experience from other cities should be taken seriously.

“Portland experimented with it,” Murray said, “and it was a disaster.”