Mill Creek coffee shop owner: 'We are human beings. Please treat us as such'

A business owner in Mill Creek made an emotional plea to the community in an Instagram video with a message to be kind and loving to one another. It was in response to several customers in a row who gave her staff a difficult time because they didn’t want to abide by vaccination rules.

Although proof of vaccination is not required in Snohomish County, Savannah Jackson is requiring it at her coffee shop Mixed: Coffee and Community or customers who are choosing to dine-in.

"I’m tired of seeing my employees stand at the register and watch them get screamed at. It’s not okay, and it’s not okay to just be so hateful towards other people. We are people," said Jackson in the video. "We work for you and we serve you, but we’re people and I’m tired of seeing my family get treated like this. Please don’t come in here and disrupt and scream at my employees for doing their job."

Mixed: Coffee and Community opened this year on Juneteenth. It’s symbolic of the owner who is half black and half Ecuadorian. She said many of the people working behind the counter are her own family members and close friends.

"We’re not only mixing drinks, but we’re mixing community and we’re mixing cultures and then it also resembles who I am," said Jackson. "It’s kind of just like a family affair. Our mission is to create a safe space for everyone to be, and to learn about your diverse neighbors."

Jackson believes part of creating that safe place in the current climate is taking as many COVID-19 precautions as she can. She said her own family has experienced the heartache of the disease.

"My grandmother ended up catching it right when it started in March of 2020," said Jackson. "It was 93 days of me saying bye to her on FaceTime. I don’t wish that upon anyone." 

On a positive note, customers can go and enjoy a free treat at the coffee shop on October 15 in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month. The Intentionalist is partnering with the Seattle Sounders FC to spotlight Latinx-owned businesses throughout Washington and started a tab at several businesses.

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