Missing Denver Broncos fan found 100 miles away, sources say he walked the entire way

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — The Denver Broncos fan who vanished during a game was found safe Tuesday, now sources tell KDVR-TV he walked more than 100 miles to Pueblo Colorado.

Paul Kitterman, 53, was last seen during halftime at the Broncos’ game last Thursday. At halftime Kitterman’s stepson, Jarod Tonneson, used the restroom but when he returned he was unable to find Kitterman. Kitterman did not have his cellphone or credit cards with him and only about $50 cash.

Police said Kitterman was found in Pueblo outside a Kmart and KDVR-TV said sources confirmed that he had walked the 114 miles from the stadium. Sources added that he was coherent and that Kitterman told them he wanted to get away and find someplace warm.

Family members, who were reunited with Kitterman, are just as baffled by the disappearance as everyone else. They believe the statement that Kitterman wanted to find someplace warm might be a survival instinct, that he wasn’t trying to say he wanted to vanish but he only knew to go to warm weather.

He was a hunter and outdoorsman in the mountains and knew how to survive outdoors.

Tonneson said his stepfather has no known health problems and doesn’t use drugs