MLB and Mariners announce $2 million in community investments

On Monday, Seattle Mariners, MLB and Seattle officials announced a $2 million investment into the community through the All-Star Week.

The 2023 All-Star Legacy Initiative is focusing on addressing equity gaps within the community to create more opportunities for kids to have access to baseball and softball.

The money will go toward four separate areas:

The first is renovating Rainier Playfield by adding turf to the infield. 

The second is creating a fund that is focused on providing outlets for lower-income families to continue to have access to baseball and softball. 


MLB All-Star Game coming to Seattle this summer

The Mariners announced on Tuesday the official date that Seattle will host the 2023 MLB All-Star Game at T-Mobile Park. 

The All-Star Legacy will also work to create a middle-school-age workout and intramural league to restore the pipeline to high school baseball and softball. 

Finally, the legacy will provide aid to students at Shoreline College in partnership with the United Way of King County.

"It’s way bigger than just the actual game itself, but more about building up our future leaders," said EC Parker, the vice president of Baseball Beyond Borders.

Baseball Beyond Borders is an organization that works to provide options for kids to continue playing baseball despite the costs.

The group is also a community partner for the All-Star Week Legacy Initiative.

Parker says these investments into the community will have lasting impacts for generations.