Mom 's surprise at daughter's dorm room goes hilariously wrong

LOGAN, Utah - A mother tried to surprise her daughter at Utah State University and it went wrong, hilariously wrong.

Last week, 18-year-old McKenna Pilling, of New York City, was moving out of her dorm room at Utah State University and her mom decided to surprise her to help.

McKenna said her mother, Deanna, showed up early but the visit didn't go as planned.

“She must have mixed up the dorms," McKenna told KSTU. "When she walked in, she just, it was all packed up so it could have been my dorm.”

Deanna walked into a dorm room, laid down on what she thought was her daughter's bed, took a picture and sent it to McKenna to announce her surprise visit.

“She just waited there for five minutes and decided to send me a funny picture and it ended up not being my dorm... because I was already in my dorm," McKenna told Fox 13 News.

She said she told her mom she was in her bed and her mother immediately became sick to her stomach and ran out of the wrong room.

“I just immediately started laughing," McKenna said.

So whose dorm room was it and do they know?

“It was a friend in my building; it was just down the hall so it wasn’t too bad but it was pretty funny," McKenna said. “She didn’t find out until today, actually. She commented on it and was like, ‘Is that my pillow?’ And so we never told her.”

McKenna said she thinks it's hilarious the photo has now gone viral.

“We weren’t expecting anything of it," she said. "I put the caption as ‘Momma Pilling’ and that’s what all my friends call her so I just thought friends and family would see it but now it’s completely gone everywhere. I think it’s funny. We just keep laughing about it and I’m just really surprised."

There is just one thing they wish they could change now that this photo has gone viral.

“My mom wishes she would have taken a better selfie to send me," McKenna said.