Mom's tough love letter to her son goes viral

Earlier this month one mom took a less than traditional approach when it came to disciplining her 13-year-old son.

Now her 'tough love' letter posted to Facebook has gone wildly viral.

The mom goes by two names on social media Estella Havisham and Heidi Johnson.  She has said she uses different names online because she had to flee a domestic violence situation several years ago.

The mom left a handwritten note for her son in the form of a roommate contract, claiming had to start paying her back for all that she provided for him.

The conditions called for the 13-year-old to start paying for rent and utilities and also required him to cook his own meals and routinely clean around the house.

The letter was signed expertly with "Love, Mom" and her post has been met with praise on Facebook. Since it was posted at the beginning of September, the letter has received over 97,000 likes and 165,000 shares on Facebook.

The mother later shared a Facebook note explaining why she wrote the letter, saying she made it public "on accident," but added she is "not ashamed of what I wrote."

She also acknowledged, "I know my parenting style doesn't work for everyone."

In a new posting to her Facebook page the shared a new parent-son contract she is now using with her son.

"My son does better when things are written and he can see what his expectations are,as well as the consequence for each item," she wrote.  "This is a contract that we use to hold each other accountable in our mother/ son relationship."

This mom told after her post went viral she received an overwhelming amount of criticism online.  She calls it 'mom judging.'

But ultimately she says she isn't sorry her post went viral.

"My post seems to have opened a door, and people feel safe coming to me and asking for advice, venting, or even just have someone bear witness to their experience by listening and opening up and sharing a piece of myself in return," she said. "I am able to help people from my bed by a few clicks and keystrokes."