More than $35K disappears from bank accounts of Malaysia Flight 370 victims

KUALA LUMPUR -- Thousands of dollars disappeared from the bank accounts of passengers on Malaysia Flight MH370.

Roughly $35,000 was withdrawn, according to The Straits Times.  Police and the bank are investigating after the money vanished from the accounts of people presumed dead.

“Do not speculate on this matter and allow us to conduct a thorough investigation,” Senior Deputy Commissioner Tajuddin Md Isa told reporters.

Police say they have identified two suspects.

The suspects took the money from three Malaysia Airline passengers and deposited in the account of a fourth, police said.  The suspects are believed to have transferred a third of the money to an outside account before draining the remainder with daily ATM withdrawals.

Police are now working to identify the account holder who received the stolen funds.

Malaysia Flight 370 is believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean after vanishing from the radar during a flight to Beijing March 8.  All 239 passengers and crew members are believed to have died.