Mount Rainier park rangers recover body of Norwegian climber at 10,600 feet

SEATTLE (AP) — Park rangers on Wednesday recovered the body of a Norwegian climber caught in a storm on Mount Rainier last  weekend.

Mount Rainier National Park officials say four rangers climbed to the unresponsive man at 10,600 feet Wednesday and worked with a helicopter crew to recover his body.

The 58-year-old man and his partner, a 41-year-old Canadian woman, were summiting the roughly 14,000-foot glaciated peak when a fierce storm hit Saturday. On Sunday, the woman descended the mountain and climbers escorted her to Camp Muir.

The man was found where alpinist Monique Richard described last seeing her climbing partner, Arvid Lahti, in the area of the Gibraltar Ledges route.

She and a man showshoeing alone, who also got caught in the storm last weekend, were both airlifted off the mountain.

A county medical examiner will determine the final identification and report on the cause of the climber's death.