Movie makers animate Barefoot Bandit saga, film debuts at SIFF

SEATTLE - To some, he's a modern day folk-hero, others, he's a lousy thief.  Whatever your opinion may be about Colton Harris-Moore, you may be interested in checking out the new movie about the Barefoot Bandit...which is screening Thursday at the Seattle International Film Festival.

The film,"Fly Colt Fly: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit"  was shot by two Canadian filmmakers, Adam and Andrew Gray, according to their bio on

"Animations and reenactments pepper this larger-than-life story of Camano Island teenage outlaw Colton Harris-Moore," reads the caption on the film festival website.  "He came to crime as a survivalist, and fascinated the public as a cop-eluding, airplane-stealing antihero."

The film follows Colton Harris-Moore all the way to the Bahamas, where police finally caught up to him in July 2010.  His crime spree started when Harris-Moore was 10 years old.  He broke out of juvenile detention in 2007, and stole his first plane in 2008, reportedly teaching himself to fly.

Barefoot Bandit film screens this week in Seattle International Film Festival.