"Mr. Socks" helping the less fortunate this holiday season

Socks may seem like a boring holiday gift to most of us, but they make a big difference to people who can't afford to buy a pair.

"Mr. Socks", aka Michael Taylor, is making it his mission to donate 5,000 pairs of socks this year.  He began gathering donations in 2004.

Earlier this week Mr. Socks spent the day dropping off donated socks to local charities.

He carries socks in his car and says he's often handed them out to people he meets, including a Vietnam veteran he met in November.

"I say hey, do you need some winter socks?  And he goes, sure!  I said, my car is five blocks away, I'll go get you some, and he said he'd been on the streets for 10 years and that I was the first person that ever looked him in the eyes, and I was the first person that he said that he believed really cared," said Michael Taylor.

Mr. Socks is looking to start his own charity in 2018.