Mudslide, derailment cause Sounder cancellations; Southline to resume in afternoon

SEATTLE - Northline Sounder service was canceled for Monday morning due to a mudslide south of Everett Sunday night.

Passengers who normally take the Sounder train were able to board one of the ST Express bus routes provided in Everett, or one of the regularly scheduled Community Transit bus routes provided in Mukilteo and Edmonds.

Kimberly Reason, public information officer for Sound Transit, said no Sounder Trains will run from Seattle to Everett until at least Wednesday morning, due to the 48-hour moratorium on passenger rail service required after mudslides.

The mudslide is also impacting Amtrak service between Seattle and Everett. Charter buses are being provided for those train passengers.

In addition, all Southline Sounder service ws suspended between Lakewood and Seattle due to a non-Sounder related freight train derailment between Auburn and Kent.

Reason said they’ll resume Southline service from Seattle to Lakewood beginning with the 4:12 p.m. Monday train. That means the first two trains of the afternoon commute were canceled.  Six trains will run Monday evening.