Mukilteo killer says 'ease of acquiring a gun' played a role in shootings

EVERETT -- The man who pleaded guilty to killing three teens at a Mukilteo house party last summer claimed his ability to buy and access a gun played a partial role in the shooting.

"I'd like everyone to hear loud and clear that it was the ease of acquiring a gun that enabled me to act on my emotions," Allen Ivanov said at his sentencing hearing Thursday.

Ivanov pleaded guilty last month to three counts of aggravated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder for wounding two other victims. Those killed - Anna Bui, Jacob Long and Jordan Ebner - were all 19 years old.

At the hearing, family members of the victims spoke of the joy their loved ones brought, and how that was ripped away July 30 when Ivanov opened fire at a small house party.

Jacob Long's mother, Autumn Snider, spoke through tears of losing her son and attempting to cope with her pain.

"You can not comprehend the overwhelming pain caused by child loss unless you have lost your child," Snider said. "There are no words to adequately describe how horrific it is."

Following the victims' loved ones, Ivanov was given a chance to speak. The 20-year-old apologized to the victims' families, spoke of the sorrow he felt at his actions, and reflected on the night of the killings.

"I did not intend for events to unfold as they did that night," Ivanov said. "In a moment of shock I pulled the trigger because I couldn't control my emotions."

Ivanov went on to talk about how easily he acquired the gun used in the killing, and how having easy access to a firearm may have contributed to his actions.

"I don't mean to absolve myself of guilt or dodge responsibility," Ivanov said. "But I know for a fact that even in the feverish state I was in, I never could have done this with my hands.

"I wish they never sold me a firearm. I wish I was never legally allowed to buy one. I hope there will be a continuous effort to change the gun laws so that others can not make such a tragic mistake."

Ivanov finished by saying he takes "full responsibility" for the killings.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Janice Ellis spoke little of Ivanov's gun comments in her sentencing. She instead reflected on the pain caused by Ivanov's deplorable crimes when sentencing him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

"Your actions are heinous, they are unpardonable, you deserve to be separated from society for the remainder of you life and you shall," she said.