Musician: Thieves steal band's equipment in Bothell -- but show goes on

SEATTLE -- A band on tour in the Pacific Northwest is back on the road after someone stole their van and trailer full of equipment.

Trevor Hall and his bandmates arrived in Seattle for a show and found out their equipment, computers, and band merchandise were all gone.

“We landed in Seattle with just the clothes on our back and didn’t know if we were going to continue to tour,” said Hall.

The van and trailer were stolen in Bothell and later recovered in the Seattle area, according to the band. Both were empty.

Hall and his band were scheduled to play shows in Seattle and Vancouver. Luckily, the band didn’t need to cancel the concerts.

“We were able to continue the show because we had our main instruments, but we had to borrow lots of things,” said Hall.

Hall has previously toured with Colbie Callait, The Wailers, and Jimmy Cliff, according to his website.

The band is now traveling to Missoula, Mont.

Bothell police are investigating the case.