Mysterious light seen in California sky prompts speculation

SACRAMENTO – People across California have been posting photographs of a puzzling trail of light in the sky Wednesday.

A ">dashcam video posted by Richard Lopez captured the moment the ball of light moved across  the sky as he was sitting in his car at a Stockton intersection.

The light was also spotted from San Francisco. Twitter user Joel Angel Juárez wrote, "Woah just spotted a huge white streak in the air looking southwest of San Francisco."

The National Weather Service Bay Area took to Twitter Wednesday night asking if anyone had seen the "interesting cloud feature," but no one seemed to have an answer.

On Wednesday night, United Launch Alliance had hoped to launch a Delta IV Heavy rocket out of the Central Coast's Vandenberg Air Force Base. However, around 5:40 p.m., ULA reports the launch had been scrubbed and they will attempt it again Thursday night.

Many in California are used to seeing strange bursts of light following SpaceX rocket launches but that does not appear to be the case this time.

NWS Eureka reports they believe it may have been a meteor.

This is a developing story.