National Weather Service expects Puyallup River to flood

ORTING, Wash. -- The National Weather Service is warning that the Puyallup River will cause major flooding from Orting all the way to Sumner.

Forecasters said the waters would inundate roads and the homes and farmlands down in the valley.

High school student Colton Peters said his teachers told him and his classmates to leave school quickly.

“One of the teachers just started getting us off the campus getting us going home because they were worried the dyke here wouldn’t hold or hold up to standards,” he said.

But Colton’s mom, Barbara Peters, said they would be ready if the river gets too high too quickly.

“Its very high waters, it’s very scary but it will go down,” she said.

Neighbors had to see it for themselves at an overlook on Orville Road and Brooks Road.

“Not nervous at all, just really curious,” said Michael O’Kelly. “It’s fun to see the water come up so quick. I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve never seen it come up this quick ever.”

A handful of homeowners along Needham Road were told to be ready for evacuations, but the order is only voluntary.

Most neighbors said they weren’t leaving anytime soon.

“Anytime you get the snow up high and it rains you get it,” said Tom Wendt.

More rain is forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday.