Nearly $63 million in GET refunds processed, more on way

SEATTLE (AP) — More than $63 million in refunds from Washington's prepaid tuition program have been processed so far and state officials say that number will continue to grow.

About 8,669 people out of 130,000 savers have asked for their money back from the Guaranteed Education Tuition program.

Of those requests, 2,845 have been processed so far.

Program Director Betty Lochner has said up to 16,000 refund requests are expected, but families with money in the GET program will have a year to decide. The program has a total of $27 million invested at this time.

Meanwhile, the committee that runs the program is looking into starting a new college savings program in Washington. The committee is meeting in Olympia on Thursday afternoon to discuss those plans and get an update on the current program.