Necklace with 176 diamonds donated to Goodwill

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Goodwill recently accepted a rare, diamond-covered donation.

Goodwill Industries of Central North Carolina announced Tuesday that they received an 18-karat white gold scalloped collar necklace with 176 diamonds, valued at $6,400, from a Greensboro resident.

“Greensboro is filled with very charitable donors and we are fortunate to have received this gift,” said Vice President of Retail Operations Celeste MacMurdo in  a news release. “Putting the necklace up for bid through our e-commerce store,, gives more people the opportunity the see the necklace and, as a result, have an opportunity to bid on it.”

Triad Goodwill plans to use the money gained through the sale of the necklace to further their mission of providing free and low-cost job training and placement services.

By Tuesday afternoon, three bids had already been placed, bringing the going price to $1,650.99.

“Donations like this necklace are very beneficial to Triad Goodwill,” said Vice President of Career Development Services Jessica Schultz.

To bid on the necklace or see more photos, visit and search for "56989326."

The necklace is up for auction until mid-afternoon on Sept. 6.