Neighbors concerned over toxic landfill in Shelton

SHELTON, Wash. -- The C Street Landfill in Shelton is blocked off and fenced off from the public. But some people who live in the Mason County city worry that what's buried beneath the ground there can still be poisonous to them.

The landfill doesn't look like much, covered up with grass and sticker bushes, but for years, it was a dumping ground for sludge and ash from local mills. According to the Department of Ecology, the material buried beneath the ground contains carcinogens.

The department has an agreement with the city of Shelton to clean up the site, even as the city begins to defend itself against a lawsuit from a concerned citizens group.

So the Department of Ecology wants to hear from the public before it begins the process of investigating the types of contamination at the site and comes up with a plan to clean it up.

The public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night at the Shelton civic center at 6:30.