Neighbors shaken to their core after murder suspect posts crime scene online

PORT ORCHARD -- Murder suspect David Kalac turned himself into police after running from them for days. Authorities arrested Kalac Wednesday night in Wilsonville, OR.

But back in Port Orchard where the crime took place, the suspect’s next door neighbor says she is traumatized after seeing pictures of the crime scene online. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Wednesday that Kalac posted pictures of the victim online shortly after he killed her in the apartment they shared together.

“I was watching a murderer go back and forth to work everyday,” neighbor Marlene Fecto said.

Fecto says she saw the suspect walk out of his apartment Tuesday morning. Hours later his live-in girlfriend Amber Lynn Coplin was found dead.

“It was just banging on the walls,” Fecto said.

Fecto says she heard loud noises but didn’t hear screams so she didn’t call police.

Amber’s teenage son told police the couple got into an argument behind closed doors Monday night, the 13 year-old found his mom dead the next day.

“He’s a psychopath, he is evil you just can’t get worse,” Fecto said.

What police found inside has shaken this community to its core. Hateful messages were etched all over the bedroom.
The word “dead” was written on the victim’s driver’s license which was found near her head.

Police say Kalac wrote “she killed me first” on a picture.

“To sit there and do that and whatever else he did and then walk to the car and leave like it’s no big deal,” Fecto said.

The next door neighbor says she accidentally came across pictures of the gruesome crime scene on the internet.

“That’s never going to go away that’s never going off the internet,” Fecto said.

Police say Kalac posted the pictures after killing Amber even stating it was harder to strangle someone in real life compared to television.

“Every time I come in and out that’s what I think of that is what I am always ever going to think of,” Fecto said.

The case has also shaken Kitsap County Sheriff’s detectives to the core. They say a murder is horrific enough but for a killer to post pictures online of the crime scene bragging about it is a something they have never seen before.