Neighbors take action over crosswalk after child's death in Issaquah

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A 4-year-old boy struck and killed by a car while in a crosswalk in Issaquah last week has died. His community is now demanding action from city leaders.

Tucked away on a quiet street in Issaquah, a family and their neighbors are grieving. Flowers and teddy bears mark the area on Newport Way and Oakcrest Drive where a driver struck and killed a 4-year old in the crosswalk last Friday afternoon, as the boy walked just steps ahead of his mother.

“It is still an ongoing investigation but as of what we can tell right now … it appears to just be a very tragic accident,” said officer Troy Kemp.

It’s a tragedy neighbors like Amy Miller said they saw coming.

“People were saying this was only a matter of time. We knew this was going to happen. Why hasn’t the city done anything?”

She said drivers often speed and ignore the crosswalk, and the lights are hard to see in the day.

Now Miller has started a petition online, which has hundreds of signatures already, that asks the city to consider slowing the speed limit on Newport Way and adding speed bumps.

“It’s basically the idea of getting something to slow traffic down or getting traffic to stop in some way,” said Miller.

It's the first of many steps for Miller, so others can do so freely on Newport Way again.

“You want to believe that a 4-year old child, that there’s never going to be a death of a 4-year old child,” said Miller. “I think that’s really when it hit people was that not only was there a tragic accident, there was a fatal accident. That’s when people said we have to do something. This is not fair, it’s not OK.”

Issaquah police said the investigation is continuing.

The city of Issaquah said it is aware of the petition and collecting information about the incident.