Netflix planning 'Lost in Space' reboot

(CNN) -- If Netflix has its way, we will once again hear the words "Danger, Will Robinson!"

The streaming service is reportedly working on a reboot of "Lost in Space," according to Entertainment Weekly and Deadline.

The classic sci-fi series ran for three seasons starting in 1965, with memorable characters such as the scheming Dr. Smith, Robot B-9 (known for the aforementioned warning) and young explorer Will Robinson, whose family is, well, see the show's title.

It was a futuristic version of "Swiss Family Robinson," with the future at that time being 1997.

The 50-year-old show still has a sizable following to this day, having beaten "Star Trek" to the air by one year.

It was rebooted once before in a 1998 feature film that got a bad reception.

Executive producer Kevin Burns told Entertainment Weekly, "We've obviously been developing 'Lost in Space' for a long time, and we've had a couple of false starts. Just speaking for myself, we really felt that we had learned a lot from not only what we did, but what other people did and did wrong."

Netflix has yet to comment on the reports at this writing.

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