New allegations against coach accused of videotaping students

SEATTLE -- There are new allegations against the private school coach, accused of videotaping students on a school trip in Canada last month. The head of the Bush School in Seattle says federal investigators have uncovered more videotapes of students.

The school waited until the students identified on those tapes were contacted by the U.S. Attorney’s office. Today they sent a message out to parents, to let them how widespread this investigation is.

“It`s like pulling a scab off a wound every time new information comes out,” says Frank Magusin, Bush’s Head of School.

He says it`s been tough, having to reveal to students and staff the new allegations against former ski coach Jason Paur.

The 43-year-old was arrested in British Columbia in December, when a female student said she discovered Paur's video camera in the room where she and other team members were staying.  Paur was charged with breaking and entering, voyeurism, possession of child pornography and accessing child pornography.

Homeland Security says they opened their own child exploitation investigation after Paur's arrest, and searched his home in Seattle. They would not comment on what they found, since the case is still open. But the Bush School says more videotapes were found.

“My understanding is it`s two or three or maybe four additional students from the students that were caught on videotape up in Canada,” says Magusin.

The school says one of the videotapes was made on campus this fall, although no camera was found when agents searched the school. Officials say two other, older tapes included students no longer at the school.

“Our major concern since the beginning is the well-being of our students. Not just students on this trip, but students who have worked with this coach in the past. We brought in outside resources to help our families.”

Paur had been at the school for more than a decade. He passed several background checks, so school leaders don't know if more could have been done to discover these alleged crimes earlier. But they say they're being more vigilant now.

“Our board of trustees has created a review task force. They`re going to look at this, and look at our policies and procedures for trips like these. Because if there`s something we can learn and improve, we want to do that.”

Paur is still being held in Canada.  He has not been charged with any crimes here in the U.S. yet, but Homeland Security says their investigation is ongoing.