No, that probably wasn't a funnel cloud in Burien. So what was it?

BURIEN, Wash. - No, that probably wasn't a funnel cloud in Burien on Wednesday morning.

Viewer Ashley Berg sent in a video from her him in Three Tree Point facing west toward Vashon Island. There's certainly something there, but what the heck is it?

Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley weighed in Wednesday evening. He said it's likely an unusual formation of a "scud" cloud (and no, he doesn't mean the Operation Desert Storm-era missile):

"Clouds build up into the atmosphere with updrafts and downdrafts of parcels of air. Air rising and falling starts to spin a little.

"If there is enough rotation, part of the cloud will drop out - this is a funnel cloud. A funnel cloud is a tornado (very weak with no damage) that doesn’t touch the ground.

"In this case it was probably just a colder part of the cloud (more dense) that just dropped out of the base.

"Funnel clouds are normally associated with thunderstorms where there is more energy to release, but not in this case.

"Today everyone has a camera so keep your eyes to the skies for more awesomeness from Mother Nature."