Non-profit hopes to help 22,000 people with their Christmas tree sale in Beacon Hill

El Centro de la Raza is getting people ready for Christmas while helping others. They are holding a holiday event in Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood that will benefit thousands of people.

The non-profit organization is raising funds to support human service and community-building programs benefiting more 22 thousand people with their Christmas tree sale.   

El Centro de la Raza has been doing this every year since 2010 to support children, youth, families, seniors and 43 other programs and services.  

The organization says they started it, because they wanted new creative ideas to raise funds.  

Miguel Maestas, the housing and economic development director at EL Centro de la Raza said, "After paying for the cost of the Christmas trees and for other cost related to the lot, we raised over 40,000 dollars for our programs last year, and we expect to raise from 40 to 50 thousand dollars this year" 

Maestas says they are able to not only help the vulnerable families, but also a benefit to the Latino family-owned business, which provides their Christmas trees.  

It also provides tree lot employment every year, so those working the Christmas tree sale can make an income during the holiday season.   

"We are so grateful to all of the people that continue to come out and buy their Christmas tree from us," said Maestas. "We know there’s a lot of places where people can buy Christmas trees, but we feel like so many folks come to El Centro to buy their Christmas tree to support the work that we do, to support community" 

The Christmas trees range from 22 dollars to a hundred dollars, depending on the height of the tree. 

The organization sold 200 trees their first year, and 22 hundred trees last year. This year they're hoping to beat last year's numbers.

One family said they have purchased their Christmas tree with the organization for the last 3 years.   

"I like the Centro here, and I love being part of the community here," said Jacob Stove-Lorentzen.

The Stove family is one of many that comes every year to show their support.