Officers conduct sex offender compliance checks on Halloween

MARYSVILLE, Wash. – Community corrections officers in the Marysville Field Office did compliance checks on sex offenders to make sure no rules were broken on Halloween night.

The officers from the Department of Corrections checked in with about 40 sex offenders. The offenders range from level one to level three and have convictions that range from child molestation to rape of a child and more.

Letters were sent to the sex offenders ahead of Halloween outlining the rules.

The rules include a curfew at 4:30 p.m., lights must be turned off on house exteriors and offenders are not to open the door for children who are trick-or-treating.

Community Corrections Officer Marlanea Aspden said the compliance checks went well, with just a couple porch lights that had to be turned off.

“We know our offenders more than anybody, so being out there and showing we’re holding these people accountable and making sure they’re not ruining fun for other people is a big thing,” said Aspden.

After the compliance checks, the officers stopped by Grove Church in Marysville to pass out candy to families.

The officers say they’re doing their part to keep the community safe, and to protect families. Compliance checks are done on a monthly and weekly basis, as well as after hours.

Aspden asks parents to have conversations on a regular basis with their children about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior with the people around them.

“It is okay to say 'This is not right, you cannot do this, don’t do that,' and if something does happen, they’re comfortable talking to that legal guardian whoever that may be and saying this happened and reporting that out,” said Aspden.