Officers looking to thank Good Samaritan for act of kindness at restaurant

HOPKINSVILLE, Kentucky -- A Kentucky officer is reaching out on Facebook in an effort to thank a Good Samaritan for a recent act of kindness at a local fast food restaurant.

Hopkinsville Police Officer Robert Sibal published a post on the department's Facebook page saying he is looking for the anonymous man to thank him.

Officer Sibal said he and Officer Bishop were having lunch at Chick-fil-A when a man approached them and said he appreciated what they do for the community.

When the man walked away, a restaurant employee asked the officers if they would like their ice cream cones now or after their meal.

Sibal said he was confused and said he didn't order ice cream.

The employee said the anonymous man had just bought them dessert.

The officers said they looked for the man to thank him but the Good Samaritan was already gone.

Sibal thanked the man in the Facebook post and also thanked the grateful community.