Officials investigating and cleaning large oil spill

KENT -- Officials with the Department of Ecology believe someone likely dumped 250-300 gallons of oil near an industrial park in Kent about a week ago.

Officials found out about the large spill yesterday afternoon but could not begin their clean up efforts until Monday morning.

Authorities believe the oil has been soaking in the marsh for over a week. The Dept. of Ecology is using a suction pump to remove most of the remaining oil in the water. Crews are also raking oil-coated vegetation. Experts say they still won't be able to remove all the oil after they're done cleaning up later this week.

Robert Walls said, "The oil is not supposed to be there and so what we’re looking at it why is it there and we are looking at recouping the cost that Washington state is expending to clean it up."

Experts say cleaning bill will cost the state tens of thousands of dollars. Kent Police are investigating to find out who left the oil there. Officials still don't know if the oil was dumped in the marsh on purpose.