Officials: Man forced kidnapped Snohomish teen to take pills, threatened to harm her

SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- A 60-year-old man accused of kidnapping a teenage girl earlier this week forced her to take pills and threatened to hurt her, officials said in a news conference Friday.

Workers at a Grocery Outlet store in Lynnwood spotted the missing girl with a 60-year-old man Thursday morning and called police.

Estrada Montanos was arrested on an outstanding warrant for trespassing. Authorities now have enough probable cause to charge Montanos with 2nd degree kidnapping.

Deputies are investigating whether Montanos assaulted the girl. They said she did not appear to be physically hurt.

Family friends told Q13 FOX News that Montano met the girl at a McDonald's restaurant on Wednesday, bought her soda and cookies and promised her a trip to Hawaii.

Deputies said the suspect then talked her into taking the bus with him to Lynnwood where they spent the night at a friend's mobile home. They said the girl wanted to leave but the suspect threatened to hit her in the stomach.

The girl told her parents she was biking to a friend's house when she left her home at the 500 block of D Avenue around noon.

Family members searched for her for three hours and then called to report the girl missing.  Snohomish Police Department conducted an area search.  After several hours of unsuccessful searching, the Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit was called in.